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Tile Installation

Ceramic and porcelain tile are some of the most versatile flooring options available to homeowners today. These sturdy floor coverings are specially coated to make them impervious to water and ingrained dirt, but ease of maintenance is only one of the advantages of installing ceramic tile. It is likely the number one reason most people install ceramic and porcelain tiles is because of their durability. It is not uncommon for ceramic tile flooring to last up to 20 years without major repairs if the tiles are installed correctly. Even then, minor repairs on ceramic or porcelain tiles are relatively affordable.

Another great thing about ceramic and porcelain tiles is their flexible decorative uses. Ceramic tiles are used to improve kitchen backsplash areas, decorate furniture and create original artwork.

We can take of many tile installation projects like:

  • floor tile

  • wall tile

  • backslash

  • bathroom

  • shower/tub




We have over 20 years of tile installation experience, so we can work on any number of tile projects. The easiest way to schedule a tile installation is to use our online schedule form, it takes less then a minute to fill out. You are also welcome to call 440.414.5044 ex.1. We truly believe in providing excellent work on all of our services, at a fair price. We will do the same on your next tile installation project.